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Low Glycemic Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Organic Vegetables In Wicker Basket In The Garden

Perhaps you have heard your doctor recommending you to consume more low glycemic foods or low glycemic vegetables, or have heard about them on health food channels and are not quite sure what it all means. Well, it’s definitely nothing bad, and certain health conditions will do much better if you watch the glycemic levels […]

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan and Recipe

Cabbage And Summer Vegetables Soup

Cabbage is not just for the Irish, but it does go great with corned beef! Cabbage is also very good for your gut and healing ulcers, good for your brain, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and let’s not forget it’s good for weight loss! With so many health benefits, how can you not want to chow down on […]

Is Fasting The Right Option For Your Detox Needs?


Most resources you will find on detox products, supplements, and plans extol some form of fasting to achieve best results from your cleansing plan. More recently, detox plans for weight loss have become very popular among a lot of people who want to shed pounds quickly, and different forms of fasting combined with detox products […]

What is the Best Juicer to Buy

Vegetable juice raw food - healthy eating woman with juicer juic

With the want to start juicing comes the need for a juicer! With so many juicers on the market, how do you know which is the best juicer to buy? No need to worry, because I have made this guide to help you along in making the right decision on the best juicer to buy. […]

How to Do a Cranberry Juice Detox

Fresh Cranberry Juice

Mother Nature is called “mother” for a reason! Who takes care of you when you are sick as a child? Your mother! Once you grow up, you no longer have that luxury, and you must take care of yourself, but Mother Nature can at least provide the resources! Nature is a great medicine cabinet, but […]

8 More Reasons to Love Pineapple Juice


If you’ve ever heard anyone say all things that taste good are bad for you, they couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to the juicy, sweet, tangy pineapple! You see the cans of pineapple juice in the juice aisle at your grocery store, but if you’ve ever juiced a fresh pineapple, then you would […]

13 Grapefruit Juice Benefits

Ripe grapefruit with juice on table close-up

You may have had grapefruit for breakfast or as a snack, sliced in half with a wee bit of much-needed sugar sprinkled on top, but have you ever thought about juicing one and saying “bottoms up”? It may pack a bitter punch, but if you keep the grapefruit juice benefits on the front of your […]

12 Beet Juice Benefits

Beetroot Smoothie With Ginger

Beets are one of the many root vegetables that we eat, and there’s good reasons why we do! Perhaps you don’t like beets, but once you learn of the beet juice benefits, you’ll acquire a taste for them! Historically, beetroot was used to treat fever and the leaves of the plant were used to bind […]